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WSSC Water depends on technology to deliver world-class service to you. This is the team that keeps our technology humming.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Information Technology department strive to transform the delivery and management of IT capabilities. Client-focused and process-based, the IT department is comprised of WSSC Water staff, consultants and implementation support specialists who ensure that IT programs and services are fiscally responsible and aligned with WSSC Water's strategic goals.

Meet Our Chief Information Officer

Information Technology includes these divisions and departments:

Applications and Development Division

This division refines and implements WSSC Water's strategic technical vision and leads information technology development by fostering innovation, prioritizing technology initiatives, and evaluating, deploying and managing current and future technology systems.

Governance Division

This division develops and implements processes, plans, policies and performance metrics that help IT deliver efficient, cost-effective, reliable services. This responsibility includes project management, business analysis, technical writing, quality assurance and organizational readiness.

Infrastructure and Operations Division

This division oversees data center operations, voice-data-video networks, computer infrastructure, operating system hardware and software, and customer service/help desk operations. In addition, this division plans, manages and operates complex IT systems to ensure system function, availability and performance.

Information Security and Compliance Division

Information Security and Compliance Division works to protect WSSC Water from cyber attacks and cyber threats. The division manages tools for critical security controls, conducts compliance audits, stays current on threat intelligence and fosters security awareness throughout WSSC Water.

Contract Administration

This section, which coordinates with WSSC Water's Procurement Office, reviews and maintains all enterprise IT contracts, statements of work and proposals. The contract administrator is the liaison between numerous WSSC Water departments and groups.

Information Technology Department

Division Managers

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