We Are WSSC Water

Where’s the water? That’s exactly what we asked ourselves a few years ago as we began the process to update our name and logo. WSSC is the largest water utility in Maryland and the fact that water is not part of our current name is confusing and a missed opportunity to clearly explain that we work 24/7/365 to deliver the essential – safe, seamless and satisfying water service. Plus, WSSC Water has been part of our web and email addresses for nearly 20 years, so adding water to our name makes sense from a consistency standpoint.

Along with adding water to our name, we wanted a new logo that boldly highlights the first letter in WSSC, Water and World Class, and creatively symbolizes the water cycle. We’ve been entrusted by the residents of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties to deliver safe, clean and reliable water since 1918. Throughout those 101 years, we changed our logo a few times to keep current and reflect a more modern organization. Check out our logo evolution on the right – starting with our first logo developed around 1918.

Another reason we are updating and improving our visual identity involves our ability to sell, lease or license products and technology developed by our talented employees. We can also sell our services, expertise and intellectual property. Having a modern and attractive logo will assist in marketing these products and services, which will generate revenue to help stabilize rates. Our newly formed Strategy and Innovation Office is hard at work developing these capabilities.

The rollout of our updated name/logo will take some time. We are committed to spending customers’ dollars wisely, so the expense to replace business cards, letterhead, signs, uniforms and other items will be mitigated by replacing them only when quantities run out and items reach the end of their useful life. One important update we are more immediately focused on is making employee ID cards with the new logo, so you can easily spot a WSSC Water employee. We will post more information on how to identify one of our employees soon… so stay tuned.

While we’ve made some changes to our look, we remain true to our 24/7/365 efforts of delivering the essential to our neighbors. 

Learn what our new look is all about. 

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