Water Security

One of the many outcomes of our nation's recent tragedies has been an increased awareness concerning the safety of the various infrastructures upon which we rely everyday. WSSC Water's mission has always been to supply safe, clean water to our customers. In doing so, we take security very seriously.

We have a strong foundation of ongoing safety measures at WSSC Water:

  • security at our facilities;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of our distribution system;
  • state-of-the-art security technology for our computer and operations systems;
  • and extensive water quality testing of our water from source to tap.

Please be assured we are taking all appropriate steps to safeguard your water. Since September 11, we have increased our security presence at all of our facilities and our officers are on the highest alert, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. We also are coordinating closely with local and federal authorities.

You can help too. If you observe what you believe to be unusual behavior near any of our facilities, do not attempt to approach the subject(s). Please take note of as much information as is safely possible, such as:

  • the location,
  • number of people and their descriptions,
  • and the unusual activity.

Please call 911 right away to report the information.

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