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WSSC Water loves STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math education programs

WSSC Water loves education. We want to help prepare the next generation for careers in engineering and environmental science. That's why we offer a variety of innovative education experiences - our STEAM programs. WSSC Water staff members from a variety of backgrounds educate students about the science and technology involved in producing drinking water and treating wastewater. They also introduce students to the wide variety of water industry careers available. The programs we offer are described below.

Education Outreach Programs

Through hands-on activities we bring the world of water and the work of a water utility into your classroom. Learn more by visiting our Education Outreach Programs page


WSSC Water creates engaging activities for students in the second to 12th grades every year.

Children's Water Festival

An annual WSSC Water event, the outdoor Children’s Water Festival provides grade-appropriate, hands-on learning about water and the environment. Our goal is to help students understand the impact everyday habits have on the availability and quality of water. Held during the first full week of May to coincide with National Drinking Water Week.

Learn About the Children's Water Festival

Girl Scouts Wow! Wonders of Water workshop

Our "Wow! Wonders of Water" workshop teaches scouts about the science and conservation of water. Scouts will learn about the work WSSC Water does to protect, restore, and conserve the region's water resources and be excited to share what they have learned. Troops interested in participating should complete the WSSC Water Education Outreach Form to schedule a program.

Learn About the Wow! Water Workshop

Thank you for working so hard on 'Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.' All of the WSSC Water engineers seemed so passionate about their jobs. My daughter walked away so excited about her experiences that day.

eWeek (National Engineers' Week)

Without engineers, WSSC Water wouldn't be able to do its job. We love our engineers, and we love National Engineers' Week, or eWeek, during which we highlight the intersection of engineering and water. eWeek is observed every February.

Learn More About eWeek

H2O Careers

WSSC Water’s H2O Careers programming is offered for students in the ninth to 12th grades. These are ideal programs for students interested in solving real-world problems while also learning about the intersection of the water and wastewater industry, engineering and the environment.

Get H2O Careers Information

Sewer Science

This simulated laboratory for high school students is hosted at one of our water resource recovery facilities. During the day, students create and treat wastewater, giving them a snapshot of a day in the life of a WRRF operator. The day includes a tour of the facility, which lets students see how WSSC Water uses the same techniques on a larger scale. This program highlights the importance of math and science in today's careers.

Note: Due to limited capacity, participation in this program is determined through a lottery system. If you are interested in the program, contact our Communications and Community Relations office.

Contact Community Outreach

Fats, Oils and Grease Environmental Science Curriculum for Prince George's County

Using hands-on learning activities, students explore the environmental impacts of fats, oils and grease on the sewer system, and how solutions implemented at home and school can keep Maryland’s waterways cleaner and sewer pipes free of "FOG."

The program explains how by-products of simple cooking can create contaminants that can clog pipes, restrict water flow and potentially result in sewer back-ups and overflows. These, in turn, can seep into recreational waterways, where they can harm aquatic life and potentially cause serious human illness.

Through a partnership with the Prince George’s County School District, every sixth-grade student in the county participates in a FOG lesson.

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