Sewer Science Program

Sewer Science logoThe Sewer Science program provides high school students the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a wastewater treatment plant operator.  In a simulated laboratory, students gain hands-on experience by creating and treating their own wastewater treatment plant. Originally developed by the City of Palo Alto, California, the Sewer Science program is designed to give students a snapshot of a wastewater treatment plant operator’s day. In addition, the program incorporates the importance of math and science within today’s careers.  Sewer Science classes are held at an actual wastewater treatment plant, taught by WSSC Water wastewater treatment operators, and concludes with a tour of the plant.

This action-packed, information-filled program is very popular among high schools throughout WSSC Water’s service area.  Each fall and spring, WSSC Water conducts a lottery to select an equal number of high schools from Montgomery and Prince George’s counties to participate.

For more information, contact Angela Ballard-Landers at 301-206-8204.

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