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WSSC Water offers plumbing inspections to our residential customers for $130. Customers enrolled in our Customer Assistance Program (CAP) can receive one free annual property inspection. To learn more about CAP, visit

What to Expect During a Property Inspection:

A Field Service Representative (FSR) will come to your home and provide an inspection, which will take approximately one hour. The FSR will ask a series of questions about your home, including the number of occupants, water usage, and the number of toilets, and visually inspect:

  • Main valves coming into the house
  • Valves and all plumbing around the meter 
  • All hose bibs  
  • All appliances and piping in the home that use water:
    • washing machine
    • sinks, furnace
    • showerheads
    • tubs
    • faucets
    • toilets and associated valves
    • garbage disposal
    • refrigerator
    • dishwasher
    • water heater
    • pool
    • irrigation system
    • ice makers
    • drains
    • sump pump and humidifier

Due to time constraints, the inspection is limited to five bathrooms. If you have more than five bathrooms, you must hire a plumber for those inspections. 

The FSR will document all findings and notify the customer at the inspection’s conclusion. In addition, these findings will be documented on your WSSC Water account.

If the FSR discovers any leaks or repairs needed, you should contact a licensed, registered plumber, available at you decide to hire a plumber, it is at your own expense. For any plumbing in your home, you must use a licensed journeyman and Master Level plumber.

To schedule your plumbing inspection, email or call the Customer Service Center weekdays, between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at 301-206-4001, 1-800-828-6439, TTY 301-206-8345.

Disclaimer: WSSC Water Field Service Representatives conduct the property inspections. Although trained to identify leaks, they are not licensed plumbers and cannot make repairs. WSSC Water recommends hiring a licensed plumber to repair any leaks identified during the inspection.

Last Modified: July 1, 2024, 9:07 am EDT