Attention WSSC Water/HomeServe USA Service Plan Customers!

WSSC Water has decided not to renew its agreement with HomeServe USA, effective May 16, 2019. This decision was made primarily because of the recent acquisition by HomeServe of CroppMetcalfe, which is a local plumbing company that is licensed and regulated by WSSC Water. 

This change will have no immediate effect on WSSC Water customers with existing HomeServe service plans coverage. During the transition, WSSC Water will work with our customers and HomeServe USA to answer any questions or concerns.

WSSC Water will be sending a letter from WSSC Water GM/CEO Carla A. Reid that informs customers of our decision. You may find more information on our HomeServe Frequently Asked QuestionsCustomers needing assistance paying their water/sewer bill or plumbing repairs should visit the WSSC Water Affordability Programs page to learn more about our programs.

Many companies offer pipe protection plans. WSSC Water customers are free to purchase these plans, but the
choice to purchase any plan is optional and not required. WSSC Water certified plumbers also do these repairs.

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