Water/Sewer Line Repair Plans Now Available

We are pleased to announce a new program for WSSC homeowner customers offering optional repair service plans available through HomeServe.  The plans provide affordable protection from the cost and inconvenience of household plumbing repairs, including water service line leaks, sewer line blockages or breaks and in-home plumbing issues. 

Many customers are frustrated when they discover a leaking or blocked service line on their property and then learn that this piping is their responsibility to fix. Many are also unaware that these types of repairs are not covered by basic homeowner’s insurance policies.  WSSC recognized that one way it could help is to offer an optional service program that would help residents faced with a costly repair.

WSSC and HomeServe have worked together in creating this program to ensure it is worthy of WSSC’s endorsement.

Beginning in July residents will receive an introductory mailing about the optional repair plans available through HomeServe.   Residents can also learn more about these optional plans as well as HomeServe by visiting the website or calling toll-free 1-844-713-7208 for more information.

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