The H2O Careers programs helps students understand the work required to provide the community with superior water delivery and recovery services.

H2O Careers focuses on hands-on learning experiences and gives students a glimpse of water service careers that are possible. The programs also let students stretch their creativity and try out their problem-solving skills to find answers to real problems that water professionals face every day.

Two levels of H2O Careers are available, each geared to different high school grades:

  • Water Works Academy introduces students in the ninth through 12th grades to the work done at a water utility. Students learn about basic infrastructure, water meters, water towers and water quality.
  • H2O Engineers is a more in-depth program in which 11th-and 12th-grade students dig deeper into the engineering principles that help a water utility function. Students learn about flow and pressure, infrastructure design and planning, and the roles that technology and innovation play in the water sector.
H2O Careers are one-day sessions accommodating groups of 15 – 20 students.

Want to attend?

These very popular one-day sessions are designed to accommodate groups of 15 to 20 students. To obtain program information for your group, please contact us at

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