Welcome to the Lucky Duckett Geotrail 

Our geocaches due to the ongoing public health crisis.

Geocaching logoPart scavenger hunt, part outdoor activity, geocaching (say geo-cash-ing) is great for families and individuals alike. All you need to play is a GPS device or Smartphone, and you can discover hidden geocaches in your neighborhood and around the world. In fact there are more than 2.6 million geocaches worldwide!

A geotrail, like the Lucky Duckett Geotrail, is a series of geocaches with a theme. In this case, the theme is WSSC Water education and exploration of the T. Howard Duckett Reservoir. Want more details about geocaching? Watch this video here.

Our six geocaches are spread out within the T. Howard Duckett Reservoir. Each cache contains information about WSSC Water, our programs, tips for being a responsible water user, and possibly some cool “swag.” Remember, if you take something, it’s polite to leave something of greater or equal value for the next person to find! 

*Please note that geocachers do not need a Watershed Use Permit when searching for caches on our property. We hope that you will come back to visit us after find our geocaches to enjoy the beautiful recreational facilities on the T. Howard Duckett Reservoir. Remember when you do so, you’ll need a Seasonal,  Single Day Use permit or Picnic permit to use the property. For more information see:

How to Geocache:

  1. Make a free account on 

  2. Enter the coordinates of any geocache into the geocache app or any other GPS-enabled device

  3. Navigate your way to the geocache (container) hidden at one of WSSC Water's recreation areas.

  4. Feel free to tweet pictures of your geocaching experiences to @wsscwaternews.

steps at watershedDon’t forget to practice "Cache In/Trash Out" by picking up any trash you find while hunting for the geocaches!

This cache is only available during daylight hours. Please no night caching! Geocaches will be found on the trails, not within the facilities. Do not enter any restricted WSSC Water areas. Participating in the Lucky Duckett Geotrail is fun and we hope that many people join in. However, it is not a requirement for logging your find on this cache once you find the container.

If you have questions, contact us at or wsscgeocaching on

A special thanks to the Maryland Geocaching Society and for their roles in developing this project. 

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