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5 I WSSC SLMBE Performance Results Diversity is good business and great for our rate payers. Since 1978 the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission WSSC has demonstrated a strong commitment to minority and women-owned businesses by empowering WSSCs Small Local and Minority Business Enterprise SLMBE Office to effectively advocate for MBE participation and sheltered contract opportunities exclusive to the SLBE marketplace. Today the SLMBE Office has infused into the culture of WSSC the value that diversity is just the way we do business. The ultimate goal of the SLMBE Program is to level the playing field for entering businesses and firms nearing graduation to fairly compete and win contract opportunities with WSSC. Mission Statement The SLMBE Office is dedicated to creating an inclusive purchasing environment while building sustainable relationships expanding opportunities and cultivating the growth of small local and minority business enterprises which adds value to the Commission and the community we serve. SLMBE Strategy The SLMBE Office administers WSSCs MBE SLBE Programs by setting contract participation goals and determining contract opportunities for placement in the shelter program. The SLMBE Office conducts important outreach to the business community regarding new contract opportunities by serving as subject-matter experts on numerous panels and workshops throughout the year maintaining important associations with area professional and trade associations and engaging in discussions with the public on how to conduct business with WSSC. The SLMBE Office delivers on its Four Pillars of Supplier Advocacy Compliance Extensive Outreach and Supplier Development through an extensive network of supporting organizations assisted by an exceptional staff. About WSSCs SLMBE Office Diversity.just the way we do business