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We are WSSC Where Water Matters The life-sustaining water and wastewater services that we provide are critical for ensuring public health and make it possible for individuals families and businesses to enjoy a good quality of life. For nearly 100 years 24 hours a day and seven days a week we have served the people of Prince Georges and Montgomery counties. Our core mission is to provide safe and reliable water lifes most precious resource and return clean water to our environment all in an ethical sustainable and financially responsible manner. To achieve our mission WSSC maintains two reservoirs and over 5600 acres of watershed issues construction permits performs over 500000 laboratory tests each year maintains over 42000 fire hydrants conducts water meter testing and inspects plumbing installations natural gas appliance installations and food service establishments and much more. We replaced over 60 miles of water pipelines and refurbished over 33 miles of sewer lines in the past year. We strive for excellence in the essential services we provide. WSSC is governed by six Commissioners with equal representation from Montgomery and Prince Georges counties. WSSCs workforce of 1600 employees demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our recruiting and retention initiatives. Our valued employees are highly-trained professionals from meter readers and administrators to engineers accountants laboratory technicians environmental scientists and the many other skilled and talented professionals it takes to run our modern agency. Supporting Supplier Diversity and Excellence at WSSC We can only do what we do with our many diverse suppliers. Our budget for FY 2015 included 707.2 million for operating expenses and 625.4 million in capital expenditures. In FY 2015 there were 542.7 million in total contract payments and 25 or 134.4 million of those payments were to minority and women-owned businesses. About WSSC District of Columbia PRINCEPRINCE GEORGESGEORGES COUNTYCOUNTY PRINCEPRINCE GEORGESGEORGES COUNTYCOUNTY MONTGOMERYMONTGOMERY COUNTYCOUNTY MONTGOMERYMONTGOMERY COUNTYCOUNTY PATUXENT RIVER POTOMAC RIVER Silver Spring Downtown Laurel Upper Marlboro Damascus Accokeek Gaithersburg WSSC SLMBE Performance Results I 4