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Letter from the General ManagerCEO October 31 2015 Greetings Community and Business Partners The publication of the 2015 Small Local and Minority Business Enterprise SLMBE Performance Results marks the end of another year of accomplishments for WSSCs SLMBE Program. The SLMBE Performance Results for Fiscal Year FY 2015 reflects a continuing and robust effort across the organization deep engagement with many stakeholders and our strong commitment to supplier diversity a commitment that starts at the top of our organization and is embedded in the way we do business every day. We are proud of our performance in FY 2015 because it provides ample evidence of our hard work building partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses and with small and local firms as we strive to bring value to the people we serve through the Minority and Women Business Enterprise MWBE Program and the Commissions Small Local Business Enterprise SLBE Program. As a consequence of this hard work and these partnerships I am pleased to report to you that WSSC Made contract payments of over 134.4 million to MWBEs 25 of total contract payments an increase of 34.5 in payments or 34.4 million more than 2014. Awarded 187.9 million in MWBE contracts 28 of total awards. A 5 increase from the 23 awarded in 2014 and Increased MWBE contract payments to 24 vs. 22 in 2014 to firms in Prince Georges County and to 10 vs. 9 in 2014 to firms in Montgomery County. We continue to make progress because WSSCs Commissioners and its senior management team are committed to supplier diversity a commitment reflected in our dynamic MWBE programs. As the strategies for fulfilling WSSCs mission to provide the highest quality drinking water while returning clean water back to the environment grow and evolve our relationships with suppliers do too. Throughout this transformation our SLMBE Program remains a high and consistent priority. We invite you to read this Report and learn more about this Program which is unlike any other in the region. We appreciate the support of the business communities in Prince Georges and Montgomery counties and throughout the region. We also appreciate the recognition we have received for our dedication to the small local minority and women business communities. Jerry N. Johnson General ManagerCEO 3 I WSSC SLMBE Performance Results