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In a world with a rapidly changing and more diverse workforce acceptance of others ideas culture and mindsets in the WSSC workplace is more important than ever. Supplier diversity is a value that must be embedded within the values of WSSCs team of professionals. We come from diverse backgrounds cultures mindsets and life experiences and supplier diversity is supported by a paradigm that shifts todays contracting landscape and lifts the barriers of competition barriers which are lowered through initiatives such as WSSCs MBE program. These programs rest on an underlying principal we must ensure that fair and equitable business practices by all participants in the procurement and contracting process at WSSC is a shared and fundamental objective of our workforce. This past year WSSC launched a new training program for our entire workforce Differing Minds Produce Greater Results and Trust. The training initiative is a critical link in attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce and supplier market. Diversity just the way we do business WSSC and Diversity Differing Minds Produce Greater Results and Trust On behalf of the SLMBE Office we would like to say a special thank you to acknowledge the extraordinary leadership of Mr. Jerry N. Johnson. As a result of his efforts WSSCs supplier base has become more diverse and inclusive during his tenure. He recognized the importance of WSSC being an economic driver for our local community and he emphasized building relationships with our suppliers. Thank you Mr. Johnson for your commitment to WSSC our customers and our diverse community. Special SLMBE Acknowledgement to Mr. Jerry N. Johnson GMCEO 25 I WSSC SLMBE Performance Results