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23 I WSSC SLMBE Performance Results Procurement Article of the Maryland Annotated Code and is ready willing and able to sell goods or services that are purchased by the WSSC. In this use MBE includes women-owned business enterprises and is limited to firms that have obtained MBE certification in accordance with the provisions of Section VII.A. 2 When used in conjunction with graphs and tables in this report it includes only minority-owned businesses and does not include women-owned businesses. MWBE PercentageThe award payments made to certified minority and women business enterprises divided by the total awardspayments majority plus MWBE. Note that it is possible to have a lower MWBE payment percentage in a given year even if the total amount paid is higher depending on the total dollar amount of all contract payments. PaymentsDollars actually paid to prime contractors subcontractors or suppliers for WSSC-contracted goods and services. Procurement Card P-CardA credit card used by Commission employees to purchase items under 5000. These expenditures are not currently included in the MWBE payment data. Procurement OfficeThe office that obtains goods and professional services Commission-wide. ProfferTo include in an offer. When a bidder or proposers offer is accepted with subcontracting participation WSSC states that the bidder or pro- poser has proffered subcontracting on the contract. ServicesLabor time or effort not involving the delivery of a tangible material product other than reports incidental to the required performance. The term includes consulting personal professional technical and advisory services. It does not include employment agreements and collective bargaining agreements. Sheltered Market ProgramA program that gives MWBE and SLBE firms the opportunity to compete in smaller vendor pools. Small Local Business Enterprise SLBEAn independently owned and operated business regardless of race ethnicity or genderthat is located in Prince Georges County or Montgomery County or 25 percent of whose employees live in one or both counties. Small Local and Minority Business Enterprises SLMBEDefined in accordance with Sections 20-304 of the Public Utilities Code Md. Code Ann. and the criteria adopted by WSSC in SP MBE 11-01 effective May 1 2011. Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area SMSA A geographical region with a relatively high population density at its core and close economic ties throughout the area. Strategic PartnersA business partner who understands and shows support of our core strategies lives up to our core values is agile and innovative can grow with us anticipates our needs and is able to deliver cost-effective solutions with our customers in mind. SubcontractorA firm that provides goods or services to a prime contractor in furtherance of the prime contractors performance under a contract or purchase order with WSSC. UnbundlingDividing an aspect of a contract such as a service into smaller parts usually in order to encourage competition by smaller bidders. WaiverApproval from the Procurement Office to put aside a requirement in a specific contract. Requests for waivers must be submitted in writing and supported by documentation that demonstrates a good faith effort to meet the requirement either pre- or post-award of a WSSC contract. Waivers are subject to approval by the SLMBE Director. Women-Owned Business Enterprise WBEAny legal entity except a joint venture that is organized to engage in commercial transactions and that is certified as being at least 51 percent owned managed and controlled by non-minority females.