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WSSC SLMBE Performance Results I 22 Glossary of Terms Appendix ASection in WSSC solicitations describing the SLMBE participation requirements potential subcontracting opportunities good faith efforts evaluation test standards determining commercially useful function and applicable SLMBE Program forms. AwardThe final selection of a bidder or offeror for a specified prime contract or subcontract dollar amount. Contract awards are made by the Commission to prime contractors or suppliers and by prime contractors or suppliers to subcontractors or sub-suppliers usually pursuant to an open Invitation for Bid IFB a Request for Proposal RFP or an Architecture Engineering Qualifica- tion process. Contract awards reflect anticipated dollar amounts which may be different from eventual payments. BidderA firm submitting a price or proposal in response to an Invitation for Bid. Centralized Bidder Registration System CBRAn automated web-based system where prospective bidders register to provide goods or services to WSSC. Commission or WSSCThe Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. ComplianceAssuring that what is promised is what is paid. Also for the SLMBE Office reviewing and reporting data to provide an accurate picture of how the SLMBE Program is performing. ContractorAny person having a contract with WSSC. Contract TypeAreas within WSSC that contract for goods and professional services in certain indus- tries Architectural Engineering Construction Goods and Services and Professional Services. ConstructionThe process of building altering repairing improving or demolishing any public facility including structures buildings pipelines plants infrastructure or other public improvements to real property. It does not include the routine operation routine repair or routine maintenance of these facilities. Construction materials and supplies may be part of a construction purchase if procured by the contractor. If construction materials and supplies are purchased directly by WSSC they are classified as goods purchases. Disparity StudyA statistical analysis of WSSC prime contractors and subcontractors. The most recent disparity study covered the period July 1 2003 to June 30 2009 and considered purchase orders and direct payments from several WSSC data sources. DollarsDollars paid to primes subcontractors and suppliers for WSSC contracted goods and services. Fiscal Year FYWSSCs fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. GoalEither a desired annual target or a contract- specific subcontracting requirement. Annual targets are aspirational they are not applicable to individual contracts but are intended to serve as benchmarks against which to measure the effectiveness of the SLMBE Program in increasing participation of ready willing and able SLMBEs in WSSC contracting opportunities. Good Faith EffortsActions taken by a bidder respondent or prime contractor as established by reliable documentation of the bidders intent to comply with the SLMBE Program goals and procedures. Good faith efforts go beyond due diligence and include but are not limited to all specified requirements. GoodsSupplies equipment materials and all tangible personal property excluding real property. GraduationAn MBE or SLBE firm permanently graduates from WSSCs SLMBE Program when it meets the criteria stated in SP MBE 11-01 effective May 1 2011 and SP SLBE 12-01 effective August 26 2011 respectively. MBEMBE is used in two ways in this report 1 When used to describe an official WSSC program or policy MBE refers to any legal entity except a joint venture that is organized to engage in com- mercial transactions is certified as being at least fifty-one percent 51 owned managed and controlled by one or more socially and economi- cally disadvantaged minority or woman individuals as defined in Article 14-301 of the State Finance