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19 I WSSC SLMBE Performance Results The Road Ahead Since the inception of WSSCs Minority Business Enterprise MBE Program in 1978 WSSC has contin- ued to find ways to expand access to minority and women-owned businesses. The Commission seeks highly skilled diverse suppliers whose fresh perspec- tives and innovation meet the ongoing business chal- lenges of delivering quality water and wastewater serv- ices. The SLMBE Offices affirmative procurement initiatives are an integral part of WSSCs mission which are to provide world-class services to the com- munity. Looking forward to FY 2016 WSSCs comprehensive supplier diversity strategy will focus on the following in order to meet FY 2016 goals Improve and Implement the following Small Contract Rotation Program Mentoring Protg Program Graduation of SLMBE Firms In FY 2015 WSSC initiated a Disparity Study of procurement procedures for Fiscal Years 20102014. This study will assess the results of a fact-finding process about WSSCs procurement activity on women-owned and minority business enterprises and possible additional classifications such as businesses owned by veterans and Americans with disabilities. The purpose of the Study is to evaluate how well WSSCs current procurement policies promote equal opportunity in the award of its contracts evaluate the business market in this region and determine if a significant statistical disparity exists in awarding WSSC contracts to woman-owned and minority firms relative to the availability of such firms in the market. It is important that we make this information available to our ratepayers our business community policy makers as well as other interested stakeholders. The goals of the study include WSSC factual predicate for assessing future programs Goal Setting Goal setting for MWBE and SLMBE vendors to determine participation rates in WSSC contracts for goods services architecture engineering professional services and construction Recommendations as to how the SLMBE Office may be best structured to ensure proper implementation of any resulting Standard Procedures andor business policies Implementation Plan to address any new recommendations For more information visit www.wsscwater.comdisparitystudy In FY 2016 WSSCs SLMBE ProgramOffice will continue to focus its efforts and resources on the following 1 Completing the FY 2015 Disparity Study and modernize policies as needed 2 Developing SLBE Program on-line application process 3 Developing and publishing an approved Graduation Process Standard Procedure for SLMBE Programs as codified in MBE SP 11-01 and SLBE SP 12-01 4 Developing a recognition program that acknowl- edges internal stakeholders and WSSC prime suppliersvendors 5 Supporting MBE or SLBE subcontractors with building their capacity or scale to reach prime status with WSSC Moving Forward To WSSC a Strategic Partner is one who knows understands and shows their support of our core strategies and can help sustain our core values. A Strategic Partner is agile innovative can grow with us and has posi- tioned themselves to bring us value by par- ticipating in our efforts to deliver cost-effec- tive solutions with our customer in mind. -T.R. Livingston