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WSSC SLMBE Performance Results I 18 WSSCs SLMBE Office continues to deliver an array of outreach and educational activities designed to facilitate suppliers bidding successfully on WSSC contracts. We also provide supplier advocacy resources to WMBEs in both Montgomery and Prince Georges counties to assist suppliers in building capacity to enhance their competitiveness and effective networking with prime contractors. Outreach Tools Weekly E-Alerts provide vendors with timely contracting opportunities supplier events and pertinent information for navigating the procurement process. Dedicated Mailbox The SLMBE Office maintains two mailboxes for customer feedback and correspondence. SLMBE Website for more information www.wsscwater.comSLMBE SLMBE Mailbox customer services inquiries provide personalized communication with suppliers via Web-Based Compliance Mailbox personalized for contract and compliance issues Strategic Partnerships relationship building with key community partners for increased supplier support. The SLMBE Office continues to actively participate on leadership boards and committees of supplier diversity organizations to remain connected to the best and current practices in supplier development and to provide expertise on administering a successful MBE Program. The SLMBE Office also maintains memberships and support for local and national council chambers associations and other like-minded organizations. These organizations include Women Presidents Educational Organization WPEO and The Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council CRMSDC. The SLMBE Office continued to support numerous regional minoritydiversity business development groups based in WSSCs community. These groups represent various ethnic population segments as well as specific interests in the public and private sectors of the WSSC region. Figure 20 FY 2015 SLMBE Outreach Efforts by Organization Extensive Outreach Number Organization Type of Events Chamber of Commerce 5 Non-Profit Organizations 3 Private Corporations 2 State and Local Government 7 WSSC ContractIndustry Specific Workshops 35 Capitol Region Minority Supplier Development Council 4 Womens President Education Organization WBENC 5 ORGANIZATION MD Hispanic Business Bronze Supporter Conference Appreciation Women Business Owners Recognition Award of Prince Georges County Womens Presidents Recognition Award Educational Organization WPEO Maryland Washington Minority Recognition Award Companies Association MWMCA Figure 21 SLMBE Outreach Accomplishments AWARD