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17 I WSSC SLMBE Performance Results A public-private partnership including MBE firms Ideal Electric CSI Engineering BITH Energy Shah Associates and RCS Construction Company is reducing WSSCs carbon footprint and saving ratepayers an estimated 3.5 million over a 20 year contract period. Its success has led to a similar effort which will continue into FY 2016 and is expected to save WSSC and our ratepayers an additional 4.8 million over the 20-year contract period. The Solar PhotoVoltaic PV Power Purchase Agreement PPA Contract achieved 30 indirect MBE payments during the first phase of this project a significant achievement in a non-traditional area of business. WSSCs leadership and staff did not cede this opportunity to engage the SLMBE community in this nontraditional market place. The marketplace suppliers urged the Commission to lower its 20 MBE subcontracting requirement to 10 citing a lack of Ready Willing and Able RWA MBE firms in our marketplace to support the contract-specific subcontracting requirement. As a result WSSCs SLMBE Office and Energy Manager did a great deal of research to identify potential subcontracting opportunities within the projects scope of work and reached out to the localregional market for certified MBE firms and WSSC-approved SLBE firms. In order to support potential consultants for this project to identify locate and meet RWA MBEs and SLBEs WSSC hosted a special outreach event. As of May 2015 the Joint Venture of Standard Solar Inc.Washington Gas made payments to their diverse sub-team of 9424109 or 30 of total payments. Having our local MBEsSLBEs engaged and utilized in this non-traditional area of business for WSSC was imperative because it helped MBEsSLBEs increase their aptitude capabilities and revenue stream in an energy business that would support the growthscale of these local businesses in our community while also increasing their customer base and ability to compete in a national and global marketplace. Success Story SLMBE Solar Power ECO-Green Diversity To broaden its use of alternative energy WSSC added 4 megawatts MW of solar photovoltaic power at its Seneca and Western Branch Wastewater Treatment Plants. WSSC had no out-of-pocket capital expenses. Moving into the second phase the scope of services enabled WSSC to assign a 25 MBE participation goal. The development of this innovative part- nership is a direct result of WSSCs leader- ship and the SLMBEOffice challenging the market to do better in promoting eco-green supplier diversity opportunities. Towanda Livingston Director SLMBE Office