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WSSC SLMBE Performance Results I 16 Success Story First-Time SLMBE Prime Awardees The aspiration of the SLMBE Program is to support the growth and development of MWBE and SLBE firms seeking to do business with WSSC. We are especially supportive of businesses awarded first-time contracts. The success in winning our business is an indicator of likely success in delivering the contracted goods and services and also provides evidence that these firms are building capacity to continue competing on WSSC contracts. We congratulate 58 of our first-time contract award recipients and encourage each of these firms to grow their relationship with WSSC by delivering excellent service teaming with other experienced primes and subs and participating in the many supplier education programs offered each year through the WSSC Procurement and SLMBE Offices. First-Time SLMBE Prime Awardees by Location Figure 19 First-Time SLMBE Prime Awards by Location during the period May 1 2011 to June 30 2015. First-time awardees are considered vendors that have not been awarded a contract within the last five fiscal years. Maryland Other 16.65 Montgomery County 41.55 Out of State 12.87 Prince Georges County 19.96 Washington SMSA 5.19 Baltimore SMSA 3.78 For more information on our Success Stories including First Time SLMBE Prime Awardees please visit our website at www.wsscwater.comSLMBE