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WSSC SLMBE Performance Results I 14 Established in 2001 the SLBE Program is WSSCs signature program to ensure the local business community has opportunities to participate in WSSC contracts. The SLBE Program is a race and gender-neutral program specifically designed by WSSC to encourage contracting with small firms located in Prince Georges and Montgomery counties andor having a significant employee presence in the jurisdictions. The SLBE Program furthers the Commissions objective of fostering broad-based competition within the small and local business community and encouraging economic growth by offering benefits particularly to those small firms headquartered in Prince Georges and Montgomery counties. These benefits include special subcontracting requirements preference in evaluation and pricing and a sheltered market program. Payments In FY 2015 our payments to SLBE firms primes and validated payments to subcontractors totaled 22 million as depicted in Figure 16 with 19.5 million in payments for Construction Services. Figure 17 provides a breakdown of the SLBE payments by location with 10.4 million of the 22 million to firms located in Prince Georges County and another 6.4 million paid to those in Montgomery County. Prime Sub Total Contract Area dollars dollars dollars AE Services 0 2962659 2962659 Construction Services 2795342 28196717 30992059 Goods Services 1678964 0 1678964 Professional Services 1000000 532051 1532051 Total 5474306 31691427 37165733 Figure 18 Awards to SLBE Firms by Contracting Area Small Local Business Enterprise Program Performance Results WSSC Contract Area Totals AE Services 125120 Construction Services 19585140 Goods and Services 1584832 Professional Services 716044 Total 22011136 Figure 16 Payments to SLBE Firms by WSSC Contracting Area LocationCounty Totals Out of State 2164247 Prince Georges County 10416062 Washington SMSA 84242 Montgomery County 6446198 Maryland Other 2900387 Total 22011136 Figure 17 Payments to SLBE Firms by Location SLBE firms were awarded 37.2 million with the majority of award dollars in the contracting area of Construction Services in the amount of 30.9 million Figure 18.