WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 61 opened or issued from the period July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2014. In the Disparity Study, each purchase order and direct payment is referred to as a contract.. Dollars—Dollars paid and awarded to primes, subcontractors and suppliers for WSSC contracted goods and services. Fiscal Year (FY)—WSSC’s Fiscal Year is July 1 through June 30. General Manager/Chief Executive Officer (GM/ CEO)—The most senior manager in the WSSC organization chart, who is referred to as “General Manager” in Title 18 of the Public Utilities Article and in certain WSSC Standard Procedures and other official WSSC documents, and any successor position thereto irrespective of name. Goal—Either a desired annual target or a contract- specific subcontracting requirement. Annual targets are aspirational; they are not applicable to individual contracts, but are intended to serve as benchmarks against which to measure the effectiveness of the MBE and SLBE Programs in increasing participation of ready, willing and able MBEs and SLBEs in WSSC contracting opportunities. Good Faith Efforts—Actions taken by a bidder, respondent or prime contractor as established by reliable documentation of the bidder’s intent to comply with the SLMBE Program goals and procedures. Good faith efforts go beyond due diligence and include, but are not limited to, all specified requirements. Goods—Supplies, equipment, materials, and all tangible personal property, excluding real property. Construction—The process of building, altering, repairing, improving or demolishing any public facility, including structures, buildings, pipelines, plants, infrastructure or other public improvements to real property. It does not include the routine operation, routine repair or routine maintenance of these facilities. Construction materials and supplies may be part of a construction purchase if procured by the contractor. If construction materials and supplies are purchased directly by WSSC, they are classified as goods purchases. Contract—All types of WSSC agreements for the procurement or disposal of goods and supplies, services, professional services, architectural and engineering services, or construction, regardless of what they may be called. For OSDI purposes a contract includes purchase orders. Contract Type—WSSC’s four broad contracting areas: Architectural and Engineering, Construction, Goods and Services, and Professional Services. Contractor—Any person having a contract with WSSC. Data—Recorded qualitative or quantitative information, regardless of form, that can be read, retrieved, and reproduced, including information that is electronically transmitted and stored. Disparity Study—The study prepared by MGT of America, Inc. of Tallahassee, FL (“MGT”) that statistically analyzed WSSC prime contracts and subcontracts during the period July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2014. For the purposes of analyzing Prime Contractor utilization, the Disparity Study considered purchase orders and direct payments that were extracted from several WSSC data sources and GLOSSARY OF TERMS CONT.