WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 57 In addition, OSDI will continue programmatic development activities to improve the participation and features that may be leveraged to provide the valued, diverse local supplier base the access and means needed to successfully engage in contracting opportunities with WSSC, such as: ■  Optimization of Diverse Business Development Program (“ODBDP” formerly Sheltered Market Program); ■  Contract-Specific Subcontracting Requirements; ■  Expanded Unbundling; ■  Expedited Payments; ■  Bid Price Preferences; and ■  Evaluation Point Preferences In closing, developing adaptable MBE and SLBE Programs that are fully integrated in WSSC’s contracting practices are vital to the longevity and future of WSSC’s supplier diversity efforts and sustaining WSSC’s local economy. WSSC’s objective remains to ensure inclusion that contributes to achieving and sustaining customer service excellence and supports its organizational objectives. This will be accomplished through a diverse supply chain that timely provides goods and services, saves costs and mitigates risks. In the end WSSC will: Simplify. Focus. Connect. THE ROAD AHEAD CONT. Thomasina V. Rogers, Commission Chair for WSSC, speaking during WSSC’s 7th Annual Women Business Owners Expo in March 2017.