56 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report THE ROAD AHEAD Since the inception of WSSC’s MBE Program in 1978, WSSC has continued to find ways to expand access to minority and women-owned businesses. The Commission seeks highly-skilled, diverse suppliers whose fresh perspectives and innovation meet the ongoing business challenges of delivering quality water and wastewater services. OSDI’s affirmative procurement initiatives are an integral part of WSSC’s mission to provide value-driven, world-class services to the community. Looking at the road ahead for MBE and SLBE Programs, WSSC’s robust supplier diversity strategy is dedicated to bringing value through collaborative partnerships with the diverse and local small business community. WSSC remains steadfast in its commitment to effectively implement and institutionalize enhancements in the supply chain by expanding access to the widest selection of qualified, diverse suppliers, which bolsters competition in the supplier selection process and brings value to the customers and communities it serves. It is OSDI’s intent to develop solution-oriented, diverse, and local business partners, that continue to bring value to WSSC and the wider community. In FY 2017, the following milestones were reached: ■  Concluding and publishing the findings of the completed 2015 Disparity Study; ■  Establishing Aspirational Contract Payment Goals on a contract-by-contract basis; ■  Updating WSSC’s enabling Program policies through SP MBE 2017-004 and SP SLBE-005, which became effective April 24, 2017; ■  Securing reauthorization of WSSC’s Minority Business Enterprise Program for another five (5) years through June 2022; ■  Obtaining the approval to change the name of the office from the Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Office to the Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion (OSDI); ■  Implementing and integrating the name change for the Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion by the effective date of June 1, 2017; ■  Kicking off WSSC’s Business Investment and Growth (BIG) Program; ■  Providing business development through workshops highlighting ways to obtain Access to Capital via community banks; ■  Improving WSSC’s Supplier Development via progressive clinics and workshops that focus on developing the capacity, capabilities, capital, creditworthiness and research and development of diverse and local small businesses; ■  Hosting targeted outreach events that prepare diverse and local firms’ engagement in contracting opportunities and developing the base of diverse suppliers that will be needed for future contracting opportunities, through the Women Business Owners Expo and Access to Capital, Bonding & Insurance events; ■  Improving WSSC’s SLBE Program application submittal and approval processes by leveraging technology; ■  Introducing its Graduation, Mentor Protege, Small Rotations and Supplier Diversity Distributorship Programs; and ■  Enabling value-added programs and services that will support WSSC in achieving its short and long- term operations and objectives.