WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 53 THE ROAD TO EXCELLENCE: NAVIGATING THE WAY TO DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION support, our commitment to deliver services and support to our stakeholders with excellence. We will continue to support the Commission in achieving its supplier diversity objectives by offering trusted and convenient services to both our internal and external stakeholders through customized solutions that center around Supplier Advocacy, Compliance, Extensive Outreach, and Supplier Development.” Livingston explains that the OSDI wants to be a force that contributes to the economic development of the communities served by WSSC. “The OSDI incorporated the concept of diversity and inclusion in all programs, not as a response to a modern trend, but to ensure that minorities, women-owned businesses, disadvantaged businesses, and small local businesses all have an unbiased opportunity to compete for our contracts.” Livingston adds, “We continue to bring new contractors on board and are focused on engaging strategic partners for long-lasting relationships with our vendor community.” The OSDI team’s support has been instrumental to various departments in ensuring participation of SLBE and MBE firms in new projects and spreading the Office’s diversity and inclusion advocacy throughout WSSC and its broader community. A great example of the internal collaboration is demonstrated with the involvement of the OSDI in the planning and implementation of the Business Investment and Growth (BIG) Program and WSSC’s largest sustainability project to date, the Piscataway Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Bio-Energy Project. Furthermore, the OSDI’s internal support involves education and awareness, smart intervention, and prevention and enforcement through shared accountability when managing contract compliance. Livingston expresses, “The OSDI is here to offer Over the course of FY 2017, WSSC has taken decisive measures to further demonstrate its strong commitment to engaging and including diverse and small local businesses. Results of the 2015 Disparity Study became the basis of the aspirational MBE contract payments goals for WSSC’s four (4) broad contracting areas and the adoption of a progressive supplier diversity business model that encourages capacity development and economic growth among local, small, and minority-owned businesses. Subsequently, the development and adoption of our enabling Standard Procedures and policies for the SLBE and MBE Programs positioned our Programs to provide economically-empowered assistance to our small and diverse firms by offering prime and subcontractor-related opportunities reflected in the FY 2017 Performance Results. This journey to excellence took a leap forward on May 4, 2017, when Governor Hogan signed HB 319 into law, which reauthorized WSSC’s MBE Program through June 2022, and included the name change for the Small Local, and Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Office to the Office of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI). Although the office name has changed, our commitment to small, local, and minority businesses has not. Towanda R. Livingston, Director of OSDI, affirms, “Our name change reflects the evolution of our supplier diversity efforts, which includes proactive and remedial inclusion efforts to ensure the agility, growth, sustainability, and value that our diverse supplier communities add to our supply chain and the broader marketplace. Our name has changed; however, our dedication and commitment to delivering on our mission remains steadfast, and with laser-like focus we will pursue, with your