WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 47 EXTENSIVE OUTREACH Periodicals – Featured in MEA Magazine and 2017 Small Business Resource Guide (New Jersey Edition) WSSC Supplier Portal System – WSSC’s Web-Based Compliance System – then Go to “Compliance” STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS The OSDI continues to actively participate on leadership boards and committees of Supplier Diversity organizations to remain connected to the best and current practices in supplier development and to provide expertise on administering successful MBE and SLBE Programs. OSDI also maintains memberships and support for local and national council chambers, associations, and other like-minded organizations. These organizations include: The Women Presidents’ Educational Organization (WPEO), and The Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council (CRMSDC). In FY 2017, WSSC’s OSDI hosted and participated in 133 outreach events with the purpose of creating a lasting footprint on the local business community. OSDI continues to support numerous regional and diverse business development organizations and/ or events based in WSSC’s community. These events represent various ethnic population segments, as well as specific interests in the public and private sectors of the WSSC region. They include: attending, hosting, and participating in local and regional supplier development workshops and expositions that target MBE, WBE, and small local businesses for contracting opportunities in the public and private sector. WSSC’s OSDI continues to set the standard for Supplier Diversity by developing a world-class diverse supply chain that adds value. OSDI is critical to WSSC’s strategy and is dedicated to creating an inclusive purchasing environment while building sustainable relationships, expanding opportunities, and cultivating growth of MBE and SLBE firms. OSDI has continued to strengthen its efforts to enhance and expand access to WSSC’s contracting opportunities for MBE and SLBE firms. The Office strategically plans workshops and trainings to assist in the development of competency and capacity of WSSC’S suppliers. Additionally, OSDI maintains a deliberate presence in the community through various outreach events. OUTREACH TOOLS The OSDI uses various tools to enhance its outreach efforts and stakeholder engagement. WSSC OSDI Website Weekly E-Alerts Dedicated Mailboxes: ■ OSDI – ■  Web-Based Compliance – ■ Disparity Study – ■  MBE & SLBE Policies – WSSC’S YOUTUBE TELEVISION STATION Media Outlets – Featured on WPGC-FM On Track Radio Show and The Janice McLean DeLoatch Show