42 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report VIEWS FROM THE C-SUITE: CONT. GARY GUMM, WSSC’S CHIEF ENGINEER Gary Gumm is WSSC’s Chief Engineer and responsible for leading WSSC’s Engineering and Construction Department. Gumm says that one of the biggest accomplishments of this fiscal year involves the changes made to the SLBE and MBE Standard Procedures—a result of follow-up activities related to findings from the 2015 Disparity Study. These changes address the need to ensure fair and equal access to WSSC contracting opportunities and to, in turn, expand WSSC business opportunities. “WSSC is taking progressive steps toward engaging diverse, local, and minority businesses, and this creates a win-win situation,” Gumm says. WSSC operates within a very diverse society, covering two large Maryland counties. While serving these residents as a utility provider of water and wastewater services, WSSC is also a member of the local economy. Its success depends on the availability of other businesses in the community to provide supplies, goods, and services so that it can continue to provide safe drinking water and wastewater management. WSCC also needs customers who can pay for its services. “When there’s no money flowing into the local economy, members of the community can’t buy our services,” highlights Gumm. “It is in WSSC’s interest for the local economy to thrive and to ensure that its programs come full circle. When various WSSC departments contract locally, they contribute to the flow of resources into that economy, enabling people to buy groceries, pay for electricity, and pay for water. Local businesses need new opportunities and new income—and they benefit from learning more about operating in the local marketplace. WSSC is addressing these needs through our committed involvement of the OSDI.” “As Chief Engineer, one of the biggest achievements in my department this fiscal year is the continued progression of the Bio-Energy Project,” Gumm adds.