38 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report VIEWS FROM THE C-SUITE: CONT. TOWANDA R. LIVINGSTON, DIRECTOR, OSDI Towanda R. Livingston administers and oversees the planning, management, coordination, and monitoring of the Commission’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program and its signature Small Local Business Enterprise Program in the Office of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI). She has been the driving force behind the office’s evolution for the last eleven (11) years and speaks proudly of its progress in supporting WSSC’s commitment to providing minority, women, and small and local business enterprises with the opportunity to compete for WSCC contracts. Following the Four Pillars of Excellence for a world-class supplier diversity program, her team is dedicated to extending advocacy for supplier diversity throughout WSSC and the community, while offering strategic solutions that promote compliance, extensive outreach, and supplier development. Fiscal Year 2017 shows better than ever the fruit of their effort by surpassing all MBE Aspirational contract payment goals for the four (4) broad contracting areas (A/E, Construction, Goods & General Services, and Professional Services), with exception to Goods and General Services. “Our program is so much more than a mandated regulatory program for MBEs or a remedy to eliminate potential discriminations in public contracting and in the marketplace. Supplier Diversity is a choice for WSSC. As a choice, our paradigm has changed from reactive or remedial efforts to proactive efforts, and from quote- based measures to solution-based and value-driven inclusion of our diverse, small and local businesses. We have strategically embedded supplier diversity in our contracting practices to support our thriving local economies. We have worked hard to create a value- driven program that offers opportunities for minorities and small businesses on a prime and subcontracting level at every level of our supply chain,” affirms Livingston. She adds, “By re-engineering the playing field, OSDI is trying to achieve equity, which is different than just leveling the playing field or being equal.”