36 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report VIEWS FROM THE C-SUITE: CONT. VENNARD WRIGHT, WSSC’S CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER Vennard Wright, WSSC’s Chief Information Officer, is responsible for observing and responding to customer needs and ensuring that WSSC has the right IT capabilities in place for all operations to run smoothly. Wright ensures that WSSC uses technology efficiently by optimizing IT resources, incorporating creativity, and identifying new technologies that can support WSSC in running a world-class operation. “My goal as head of this department is to foster transparency, facilitate communication with the industry, and make sure we follow key trends in IT—from the simplest to the most complex use of technology,” Wright says. Mr. Wright’s department has witnessed WSSC’s success in increasing payments to small, local, and minority business enterprises. In FY 2017, WSSC will process over $140 million in payments to small, local and minority businesses, an increase of over 20% from the previous year. According to Wright, “This increase is grounded in the same fact that makes WSSC’s Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion (OSDI) different—its people. Towanda [Livingston] is not just going through the motions, she is actually serious about WSSC and the OSDI mission.” In FY 2017, Wright ’s team began working on implementing a new system for procurement. “We took a step back and worked with the procurement team to identify a more efficient process. We agreed on what the process should be, based on the reality that we are working with a number of different vendors, in order to put an end-to-end workflow in place,” Wright says referring to the new automated procurement system. The system is expected to go online in November of 2017. “We could have approximately 200 outstanding IT contract requests that range from simple, like maintenance renewals for software packages, to complex, like the creation of a new contract,” Wright explains. “The OSDI’s