WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 35 on each of them. Strategic sourcing ensures that each WSSC solicitation is based on the best possible preview of the market and a thorough evaluation of long-term value, not just cost savings. The OSDI’s participation helps fill in that important view from the small, local, and minority business perspective,” recognizes Malone. The OSDI’s participation and leadership has led to important changes in procurement goals and processes. Malone notes, “a good example is the current WSSC Paving Contract, which had historically been a large single contract. Thorough market analysis led the strategic sourcing team to open the solicitation to more than one vendor, going from one supplier to three, thus yielding a more competitive environment and saving millions of dollars. One of the three suppliers is a woman-owned and minority business.” The OSDI’s serious, deliberate, and productive engagement has made small, local, and minority business enterprise participation possible in WSSC’s procurement opportunities. “We have an outstanding OSDI Director, Towanda R. Livingston, who has a great and hardworking team. The OSDI team members are very passionate about the MBE and SLBE Programs and are committed to achieving results,” states Malone. WSSC’s procurement process excels by working with the OSDI, and together these offices have developed processes to support efficient progress. “OSDI’s early involvement, well before a project idea becomes a public solicitation, demonstrates a world-class best practice. We have multiple strategic sourcing teams, and there’s an OSDI representative on each of them...” DAVID MALONE, WSSC’S CHIEF PROCUREMENT OFFICER VIEWS FROM THE C-SUITE: CONT.