34 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report VIEWS FROM THE C-SUITE: CONT. DAVID MALONE, WSSC’S CHIEF PROCUREMENT OFFICER David Malone’s Procurement team relies on the OSDI for supplier diversity procurement activity before submitting project plans to the Commission. Malone recognizes that the partnership between the OSDI and the other procurement areas is effective and productive. “OSDI’s early involvement and continuing collaboration in every procurement is the best inter- office partnership I have seen,” he affirms. This close partnership has resulted in solid numbers in terms of small, local, and minority business participation. “I’m impressed with the consistency and the deliberate approach to make sure that small, local, and minority business enterprises are engaged in the procurement process,” Malone states. The Procurement team works with all WSSC departments to identify upcoming projects and generate an overall project forecast that is disseminated to the leadership team once a month. As the procurement process moves into the planning stage, each department identifies and defines their project-specific goals, and requests the OSDI’s participation to ensure involvement of small, local, and minority businesses. “Right off the bat, the OSDI is involved in forecasting, planning, and other aspects of the solicitation process; it’s our job to execute the procurement in a way that reaches the goals they identify,” Malone says. The OSDI’s participation is critical to strategic sourcing, a process that makes it possible for WSSC to find the best possible value in the marketplace. “OSDI’s early involvement, well before a project idea becomes a public solicitation, demonstrates a world-class best practice. We have multiple strategic sourcing teams, and there’s an OSDI representative