30 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report STRATEGIC SOURCING THROUGH OSDI’S MBE AND SLBE PROGRAMS WSSC continues its strong commitment to the inclusion of MBE and SLBE firms’ participation in the procurement of goods, general services and professional services. For this reason, as part of WSSC’s current Supply Chain Management Transformation Initiative, MBE and SLBE firms are given early consideration in WSSC’s Strategic Sourcing efforts. At WSSC, excellence drives every aspect of the supply chain, which is why WSSC takes the approach of Strategic Sourcing, continuously improving and re-evaluating its purchasing activities. Strategic Sourcing includes efforts such as: expanding the supplier pool, conducting negotiations, developing customer and supplier relationships, risk management, and ensuring MBE and SLBE firms’ inclusion in the solicitation process. Cross-functional Strategic Sourcing Teams (SST) are formed to develop strategies for securing goods and services with the intention to drive the cost down in the supply chain. While looking to reduce WSSC’s costs, the OSDI safeguards WSSC’s ongoing efforts to ensure Supplier Diversity in WSSC’s procurement of goods and services by making certain that it is a member of every SST. Additionally, the OSDI and WSSC’s Strategic Sourcing efforts focus on developing a value-added, sustainable, diverse supplier base that is agile, cost effective, innovative, and of the highest quality. Early OSDI involvement ensures that MBE and SLBE firms are included in the Strategic Sourcing process with deliberate emphasis and attention provided to WSSC’s diverse supplier base. RELATIONSHIPS DIVERSITY COST EFFECTIVENESS RISK MANAGEMENT INNOVATION LaCreshia Wood, OSDI’s Supplier Diversity Program Specialist with The Honorable Rushern L. Baker III, County Executive, Prince George’s County during the Prince George’s County 2017 State of the Economy Breakfast.