WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 27 FY 2017 PERFORMANCE RESULTS SLBE PROGRAM CONT. SLBE TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS CONTRACTING AREA PRIME TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS SUB TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS A&E Services $0 $10,064,235 $10,064,235 Construction $2,749,949 $10,301,941 $13,051,890 Goods & Services $3,554,731 $21,967,709 $25,522,440 Professional Services $3,560,465 $867,261 $4,427,726 Total Contract Awards $9,865,145 $43,201,146 $53,066,291 FIGURE 21: TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS TO SLBE FIRMS BY CONTRACTING AREA Total contract awards of $53 million were made to WSSC-Approved SLBE firms with the majority of total contract award dollars in the contracting area of Goods and Services in the amount of $25.5 million. (Figure 21) LOCATION/COUNTY TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS PERCENTAGES Out of State $480,000 1% Prince George’s County $33,326,324 63% Washington SMSA $4,716,755 9% Montgomery County $12,539,661 23% Maryland, Other $2,003,551 4% Total Contract Awards $53,066,291 100% FIGURE 22: TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS TO SLBE FIRMS BY LOCATION Figure 22 provides a summary of the WSSC-Approved SLBE total contract awards by location with $33.3 million of the $53 million to WSSC-Approved SLBE firms located in Prince George’s county and another $12.5 million in total contract awards to WSSC-Approved SLBE firms in Montgomery county. SLBE PRIME CONTRACTS AWARDED DATA In FY 2017, WSSC awarded 25 contracts to SLBE firms as Prime vendors, of which 20 SLBE firms received contracts. Below is a breakdown of the contract awards by Contracting Area and Location. FIGURE 24: SLBE CONTRACTS AWARDED BY LOCATION Montgomery County 13 12 Prince George’s County FIGURE 23: SLBE CONTRACTS AWARDED BY CONTRACTING AREA Goods & Services 9 Professional Services 12 4 Construction