WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report (revised 11/2017) 21 FY 2017 PERFORMANCE RESULTS MBE PROGRAM CONT. TOTAL CONTRACT PAYMENTS Contract payments serve as a lagging indicator as a result of the total contract awards. In FY 2017, WSSC’s total contract payments amounted to $588.7 million while the MBE total contract payments amounted to $156.9 million, (or 27%) shown in Figure 7. The total contract payments to MBEs represent a thirty-six percent (36% or $42 million more) increase in total contract payments from FY 2016 to FY 2017. WSSC’s total contract payments are delineated by the four (4) broad contracting areas of­ —Architecture and Engineering; Construction; Goods and Services; and Professional Services. Throughout the lifecycle of a contract, a number of variables will influence the utilization of contractors, including: change orders, contract scope changes, and the availability of the proposed project team. WSSC established MBE Aspirational Goals for the four (4) broad contracting areas to help ensure that WSSC remains on target with total contract awards and total contract payments by contract area—the leading indicator of future MBE results. Additionally, the Commission increased its efforts to devote resources to the management of compliance activities across the organization, specifically the Contracting Officer Representatives and Administrative Contract Managers. Finally, the OSDI is focused on four (4) key areas for compliance efforts—education and awareness, prevention, enforcement, and smart intervention. The increased focus of the Commission on compliance activities will specifically have a direct impact on the future total contract payments to MBE firms. CONTRACTING AREA M/WBE PAYMENTS M/WBE PERCENT ASPIRATIONAL GOALS MBE PRIME PAYMENTS WBE PRIME PAYMENTS M/WBE SUB PAYMENTS* MAJORITY PAYMENTS TOTAL CONTRACT PAYMENTS A&E Services $14,649,245 30% 24% $3,861,847 $0 $10,787,398 $34,116,001 $48,765,246 Construction Services $77,580,953 23% 13% $62,212,510 $0 $15,368,443 $263,702,028 $341,282,981 Goods & Services $42,106,734 30% 33% $25,603,944 $8,655,249 $7,847,541 $97,259,516 $139,366,250 Professional Services $22,563,872 38% 23% $14,008,253 $5,180,965 $3,374,654 $36,796,854 $59,360,726 $156,900,804 27% $105,686,554 $13,836,214 $37,378,036 $431,874,399 $588,775,203 FIGURE 7: SUMMARY OF TOTAL CONTRACT PAYMENTS BY WSSC CONTRACTING AREA * Subcontractor Payments are included in the Total M/WBE Payments