18 (revised 11/2017) WSSC’s FY 2017 OSDI Programs’ Performance Results Report OSDI MILESTONES & HIGHLIGHTS July September November March July 28 2016 The Final 2015 Disparity Study Report was made available to the public on WSSC’s website. March 15 2017 New Standard Procedures (“SP” or “Policies”) MBE 2017-004 & SLBE 2017-005 approved and adopted by Commissioners via Resolution #2017-2149. Prince George’s County Public Meeting for MBE & SLBE Policies - WSSC Headquarters, RGH Auditorium. Public Comment Period Opened for MBE & SLBE Policies. Sept 21 2016 Commissioners supported the request from IRO to the Legislature for the extension of WSSC’s MBE Program and the SLMBE Office name change to Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion. July 16 2016 Public Comments’ period for the 2015 Disparity Study closes. Oct 31 2016 FY 2016 SLMBE Program’s Performance Results Report issued pursuant to § 20-207 of the Public Utilities Code. Oct 19 2016 Aspirational Goals on a contract- by-contract basis approved by Commissioners via Resolution #2017-2142. Nov 28 2016 Effective Date of implementation of the approved Aspirational Goals. Dec 31 2016 Effective Date of Business Investment and Growth (BIG) Program.