MBE TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS In FY 2017, WSSC made $236.1 million (37%) in total contract awards to MBE firms (Figure 3) as compared to nearly $151 million (27%) in FY 2016 (Figure 4). SMALL LOCAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (SLBE) PROGRAM The SLBE Program is intended to provide an additional race- and gender-neutral tool for the Commission to use in its efforts to ensure that all segments of its local business community have a reasonable and significant opportunity to participate in WSSC’s contracting opportunities. As a race- and gender-neutral program, WSSC’s signature SLBE Program continues to demonstrate value to the local economy. Spending with WSSC-Approved SLBE FIGURE 3: FY 2017 M/WBE TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS Majority $406,535,728 37% M/WBE $236,136,069 63% Total Contract Awards: $642,671,797 FIGURE 4: FY 2016 M/WBE TOTAL CONTRACT AWARDS Majority $414,737,966 27% M/WBE $150,968,610 73% Total Contract Awards: $565,706,576