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firms inclusive of prime contractors and validated payments of sub-contractors in FY 2015 was 22 million a 3.8 million increase compared to FY 2014 SLBE contract payments of 18.2 million. SLMBE Outreach The SLMBE Office continues to cultivate and expand relationships with the business community and professional and trade organizations. Our vigorous outreach efforts to educate and enlist new suppliers include Active participation on leadership boards and committees of supplier diversity organizations 738 new suppliers registered in WSSCs Centralized Bidder Registration CBR system as of June 30 2015 and 60 internal and external outreach events such as businessprocurement fairs tradeshows and business matchmaking and networking events to link the SLMBE Program to the wider business community. WSSCs performance in FY 2015 and our goals for the current fiscal year demonstrate our commitment to the success of the SLM- BE Programs and the community that WSSC continually serves. Want to read the full Performance Results Report httpswww.wsscwater.comlegreport Thank you for visiting our website and helping us stay green.