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MWBE Total Contract Awards In FY 2015 WSSC awarded 187.9 million 28 in contracts to MWBE firms Figure 3 as compared to 228.6 million 23 in FY 2014. Fewer contract dollars were awarded to MWBEs in FY 2015 as WSSCs total contract award dollars declined by 300 million to 674.3 million relative to FY 2014 Figure 4. However the proportion of MWBE award dollars increased by 5 in FY 2015. Thus even in a year when WSSCs overall contract award dollars declined our MBE Program helped MWBEs to increase their participation percentage through WSSCs concerted effort to stimulate competitive sourcing of MWBEs. SLBE Program WSSCS Signature Program As a race and gender neutral program WSSCs signature SLBE Program continues to demonstrate value to our local economy. Spending with SLBE firms increased again in FY 2015. The total contract payments made to SLBE Figure 3 FY 2015 MWBE Contract Awards Figure 4 FY 2014 MWBE Contract Awards 28 72 23 77 MWBE 187869377 MWBE 228579268 Majority 486419520 Majority 745802881 Total Awards 674288897 Total Awards 974382149