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achieved since implementing SP MBE 11-01 and a companion program SP SLBE 12-01 which assists small businesses located in Montgomery County and Prince Georges County to participate in WSSC contracting. These policy changes led to new contract requirements and have impacted results for awards and ultimately payments. The cornerstone of the MBE Program and key performance measure is the dollar value of contract payments made to MWBEs.1 In alignment with the goals of the MBE Program WSSC continues to implement strategies to support increasing contract payments to MWBEs each fiscal year based on the 2010 Disparity Study. MWBE Total Contract Payments In FY 2015 WSSC spent 134.4 million 25 in total contract payments to MWBEs Figure 1 as compared to 99.9 million 20 in payments made in FY 2014 Figure 2. This represents a 34.5 increase in payments made to our ever-growing supplier base in the MWBE vendor community. 1 The abbreviation MWBE includes women-owned business enterprises WBEs as well as minority-owned firms that have obtained MBE certification as provided in SP MBE 11-01 Figure 1 FY 2015 MWBE Contract Payments Figure 2 FY 2014 MWBE Contract Payments 25 75 20 80 MWBE 134409006 MWBE 99965605 Majority 408331009 Majority 391394729