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During the past decade WSSC has awarded over 1 billion to Small Local and Minority Business Enterprise SLMBE firms. Our mandate each year is to determine and implement new strategies to improve this record. We recognize that SLMBE firms help provide ideas and perspectives reflective of the diverse marketplace and community in which we serve. WSSCs SLMBE Program has created many win-win solutions for WSSC and our 1.8 million residents to whom we proudly provide water and sewer services. MBE Program WSSC continues its commitment to the success of SLMBE firms. The Minority Business Enterprise Program MBE is mandated to lower barriers to contracting opportunities for MBE primes and subcontractors. In doing so WSSC effectively levels the competitive field for MBEs WBEs and small and local businesses in Montgomery and Prince Georges counties and the surrounding metropolitan area. This report will describe the accomplishments of WSSCs supplier diversity initiatives in FY 2015. WSSCs MBE Program was codified in WSSC Standard Procedure SP MBE 11-01. The stat- utory foundation for SP MBE 11-01 was reau- thorized by the General Assembly in 2012 and will expire on July 1 2017 unless renewed. SP MBE 11-01 which in accordance with applicable law is a narrowly-tailored program facilitates participation of responsible MBEs in all types of WSSC contracting and provides in limited circumstances for race-conscious remedies consistent with the results of WSSCs 2010 Disparity Study. The results conveyed in this brochure highlight the success WSSC has