5 Open Enrollment Activity Dates Open Enrollment begins October 16, 2017 Open Enrollment information sessions See page 3 Open Enrollment ends November 13, 2017 Benefit plan elections take effect January 1, 2018 New benefit deductions begin January 1, 2018 Open Enrollment Timeline We are very pleased to report again that we experienced an excellent renewal for our medical, pharmacy and dental insurance plans for 2018. We have taken steps over the past several years to ensure we are implementing plan design changes and services to support healthy lifestyles and help manage expenses. We are continuing our commitment to a strategic view of our benefit plans and appropriately managing related costs. It is our goal to demonstrate the value of the benefits plans and how they contribute to talent acquisition, talent retention, talent attrac- tion, productivity and ultimately, organizational performance. Cost management of our health benefit program continues to be a top priority. Efforts have included encouraging members to use preferred providers that emphasize better outcomes and cost savings in high-priority clinical conditions such as diabetes, musculoskeletal health and mental health. Over the next few years, we will continue to seek to improve member engagement, expand the use of analytics and efficiently manage pharmacy costs and utilization. Specialty pharmacy costs continue to remain a top concern as new high-priced drugs come on the market. (Specialty drugs are high-cost prescription medications used to treat complex, chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple scle- rosis. Specialty drugs often require special handling (like refrigeration during shipping) and administration (such as injection or infusion).) To help control these surging costs, we are implementing proven utilization management protocols in 2018. WSSC is steadfast in its goal to improve health outcomes of our members by encouraging them to practice a healthy lifestyle. When we think about the health of our population, people will fall along a specific risk spectrum. Those at the low end of the spectrum may be totally healthy now but at risk for future health concerns and we want to support prevention and early detection of diseases. At the other end of the spectrum are persons managing existing chronic conditions and actively engaged in current and often more expensive health care services. We encourage you to take advantage of screenings and regular examinations to stay on top of current or looming health issues. Establish a strong relationship with your primary care physician. Understand what is communicated to you and ask questions when clarification is needed. Take advantage of the education opportunities and services your health plan offers to learn how to modify your behavior such as exercise, weight, nutrition and tobacco use. In order to ensure we can continue to offer a comprehensive benefit package in the future, we will continue to regularly monitor the usage of our benefit plans and plan for federal and state requirements that affect our care and costs. We encourage you to read this booklet to learn more about your benefits, attend one of our Open Enrollment Information Ses- sions, the Wellbeing Fair and take a proactive role in managing your personal health and wellbeing! Important Information about your Benefits for 2018 & Beyond