6 •  Open enrollment period is October 16–November 13, 2017. •  During Open Enrollment, you have the following options: •  Enroll in the health, dental and/or vision plan. •  Change to a different health and/or dental plan. •  Change coverage levels by adding or removing dependents.** •  Waive health, dental and/or vision coverage for the 2018 Plan Year. •  Enroll, continue, increase or decrease coverage, or waive Supplemental Life Insurance. •  Enroll, continue, increase or decrease coverage, or waive Dependent Life Insurance. •  Enroll or waive Flexible Spending Accounts (both medical and dependent care). •  Enroll, continue, or waive coverage in the Sick Leave Bank Program. •  Enroll or waive coverage in the legal services plan. •  If you wish to change your WSSC Final Leave Pay, WSSC Retirement Plan and/or your ICMA or Empower Deferred Compensation beneficiaries, you will find these forms on the WSSC intranet or in the Human Resources Office. •  Flexible Spending enrollments do not rollover from the previous year. If you want to participate in flex spending in 2018, you must reenroll. •  All changes become effective January 1, 2018 •  If you are enrolling a dependent age 19–26 for the first time, you are required to complete an affidavit. Please see page 7 for information on dependent coverage. •  If you are changing plans, you should receive your health care cards no later than January 1, 2018. Otherwise, you will not receive a new card. •  Once Open Enrollment closes, your selections are binding and cannot be changed, modified or canceled unless you have a qualified change of life event. See Change of Life Event section on page 8 for further details. Important Things To Remember **PLEASE NOTE: Any benefits change to add or delete dependents requires legal documentation before benefits will be available. See Insurance Coverage for Dependents section on page 7. Summary of Services Disclaimer The purpose of this Open Enrollment Guide is to give you basic information about your benefit options and how to enroll for coverage or make changes to existing coverage. This guide is only a summary of your choices and does not fully describe each benefit option. For a more detailed description of benefits, please refer to the plan’s benefit booklet, brochure, summary plan description (SPD), summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) or evidence of coverage (EOC). You may also call the plan using the customer service phone number on the last page of this booklet. Please note that plans will not cover a service if it is not considered medically necessary. Additionally, if your physician or facility discontinues participation in a plan, you will not be allowed to change plans outside the window of Open Enrollment as this is NOT considered a qualifying life event for you or your dependents. Every effort has been made to make the information contained in this booklet accurate; however, if there are discrepancies between this document and the contract with the carrier, the contract will govern.