28 •  If approved, SLB hours will be granted in increments of up to 10 days (80 hours) to a maximum of 30 days (240 hours) at a time. Within a 12 month period, SLB hours granted cannot exceed 60 days (480 hours) or more than 150 days (1,200 hours) during their length of employment with WSSC. (Prorated for part-time employees.) •  The SLB Board may not return leave back to a participant once it has been contributed; however if a participant has been awarded hours from the SLB, the Board may, for one time only at the request of the participant, also credit hours over the 8 hour minimum that the participant has contributed to the SLB to the participant to be used to shorten the 30-day waiting period. •  Participants needing additional hours should reapply at least 7 calendar days prior to the exhaustion of granted leave time. •  SLB leave does not take the place of other leave programs such as the Short Term Disability Program. SLB was created to bridge the gap from the 31st day to the 90th day of consecutive calendar days of absence which is when an employee may be eligible for Short Term Disability. If a SLB member is receiving SLB leave and is approved for Short Term Disability, SLB leave will end and any balance of leave will be returned to the SLB Bank. •  SLB leave will not be granted for serious injuries or illnesses directly or indirectly related to Workers’ Compensation. Additional questions may be directed to Susan Menefee in the WSSC Human Resources Office – Benefits Team at 301-206-8702 or email at Susan.Menefee@wsscwater.com. WSSC reserves the right to change or eliminate its benefit programs at any time and without notice. Sick Leave Bank Program