26 Dentures Diabetic monitors and supplies Diaper rash ointments* Eye exams Eye glasses Eye related equipment Family planning products Fertility monitors First aid kits Gastrointestinal medication* Genetic testing** Glucosamine* Group therapy Hearing aids and batteries Hearing care Herbal medicine** Hospitalization costs Hypnosis – treatment of illness Immunizations Imaging scans Incontinence supplies Individual therapy Laboratory fees Lasik eye surgery Laxatives* Lice treatments* Massage therapy** Health FSA Eligible Expenses Visit benstrat.com for an expanded list of eligible expenses. If you have questions on what constitutes an FSA eligible expense, please contact our Customer Relations Team: 1-888-401-FLEX (3539) or info@benstrat.com. Examples of ineligible expenses include: Cosmetic surgery and procedures (including teeth whitening); Custodial nursing care; Dental hygiene products; Health club dues; Insurance premiums. * Although Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicines and drugs do not need a prescription to be purchased, one is needed for an OTC medicine/drug to be FSA eligible. See note below. **Dual Use items and services are those that can be used for general health as well as to treat an illness or physical defect. If the item/service is prescribed to treat an illness or physical defect, a Physician Statement form needs to be submitted to Benefit Strategies for it to be FSA eligible. This form can be found on benstrat.com, or by contacting our Consumer Relations team. See note below. NOTE: OTC Medicines/drugs and Dual Use items/services will not work with the FSA card. You will need to pay with another means and submit for reimbursement through one of our reimbursement methods. Remember to submit the prescription or Physician Statement, along with the purchase documentation. Ace bandages Acne treatments* Acupuncture Allergy and sinus medicine* Antacids and digestive aids* Antibiotic ointments* Antifungal and anti-itch* Aspirin and other pain relievers* Asthma medicine* Athletic treatments* Band-aids Blood pressure monitors Canker and cold sore remedies* Chest rubs* Chiropractic care Cholesterol meter test kit and supplies Cold and flu medicines* Contact lenses Contact lens cleaning solution Coinsurance Copays Corn and callus removers* Cough medicine* CPAP machine Crutches, canes and walkers Deductibles Dental care (routine and corrective) Medical equipment Medical monitoring and testing Mileage to receive medical care Motion and nausea medicine* Nutritional supplements** Orthodontia Orthopedic and surgical supports Orthotics Physical exams Physical therapy Physician services Pregnancy tests Prescription drugs Psychoanalysis and mental health therapy Reading glasses Sleep aids* Smoking deterrents* Sunscreen (SPF 30 and higher) Thermometers Toothache gels* Urological products Vision care Vitamins** Wart removal treatment* Weight loss drugs and programs** Wheelchairs and repairs