9 Take advantage of these exciting programs: MyLife Coaching Personal, confidential support when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed and want to find an easier way to work through issues with your health, stress, relationships, family, work. Register online at the MyLife website. MyLife Advocate The MyLife Advocate visits all our sites on a rotating basis to provide opportunities to participate in MyLife programs wherever you are. Check the MyLife Calendar and Splash to see when she will be at your location or email advocate@welladvantage.com. MyLife Website At the MyLifeWellbeing.com website, you can: • Connect with a MyLife Coach • Sign up for an onsite or online workshop • Contact the MyLife Advocate • Find ideas for healthy eating and exercise • Learn more about a condition you or a family member may have been diagnosed with, and much more. In 2017, we implemented four new comprehensive clinical and lifestyle programs: WSSC’s MyLife Nutritional Hotline Call text or email Coach Ashley to talk about any issue related to your personal nutrition. No matter how big or small the issue, Coach Ashley is there for you. WSSC’s MyLife Diabetes Hotline and Diabetes Community Webinars Call, text or email Coach Claudine to discuss your personal situation and get expert advice to make your life around diabetes easier, whether it personally related to you or someone you care for! Monthly webinars supporting diabetes, pre-diabetes and those who support diabetics. Facilitated by a nurse specializing in diabetes with a masters in nutrition. Am I Hungry — ongoing webinar series Non-Diet approach to mindful eating & activity. Facilitated by a nurse certified in Am I Hunger with a masters in nutrition. SmartQuit — Smartphone App Pathways to smoking freedom announces the addition of SmartQuit, a free, individualized phone app that guides you through your own quit process, supported by MyLife Coaching and on-site facilitator. You can lead a personal healthier lifestyle by making small simple changes… take charge of your personal wellbeing today! Let us help you make the right choices regarding your wellbeing. Making WSSC a great place to Work, Thrive & Serve! MyLife Wellbeing MyLife Wellbeing is all about more choices for a better you! You are the people that make WSSC work every day, and WSSC is committed to your wellbeing! MyLife Wellbeing is a NO COST benefit for you.