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WSSC Water’s Education Outreach programs are free for schools, scouts and youth groups in our service area.

We offer a number of ways for your students to learn about WSSC Water. You can request access to resources to use on your own, a virtual program, or an in-person program. In-school programs involve hands-on activities done in small groups, which are best for classroom and not auditorium-style presentations. There must be at least 15 youth participants for any program.

To request a program for your group, please complete this form.

Elementary and Middle School

Watershed Defenders 

Through hands-on activities students begin to understand what a watershed is and why it is important to protect the land surrounding various bodies of water. This program meets Maryland Environmental Literacy Standards and is best for 3rd - 8th grade 

Water Works 

Students learn how water moves through the built environment and think about the systems in place to get water from its source to their homes. They also learn how water is treated so it is safe to return to rivers and streams. Age-appropriate engineering design activities are part of the fun. This program can be adapted for 3rd – 8th grade students. 

High School 

A Century of Serving the Community 

Ever wonder what life was like in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties 100 years ago? This presentation helps students explore that topic along with how national events and policies can affect local development. Students will gain a better understanding of the role a water utility plays in protecting public health and how it can serve as a catalyst for growth and development. 

Middle and High School

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment

What happens to the water after you flush the toilet? Through this teacher guided program students are introduced to wastewater treatment with classroom-based experiments and a virtual visit to one of WSSC Water’s Water Resource Recovery Facilities. The program is recommended for students in 6th grade and up though resources are provided so educators can adjust the program for a variety of grade levels.

Imagine a Day Without Water

Download our "Imagine a Day Without Water" at home plan

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