Stewardship Projects & Recreational Activities

Environmental Stewardship is one of WSSC Water’s strategic priorities and it is our belief that through an understanding of a natural area people will take strides to protect that area. This is why we promote safe and responsible recreation on over 6,000 acres of WSSC Water owned property along the Patuxent River.  Learn more about the programs offered through the tabs below.  

We created the Lucky Duckett Geotrail to highlight the beauty of the water and surrounding area near the T. Howard Duckett Dam and Rocky Gorge Reservoir. By following the Lucky Duckett Geotrail you will see the many opportunities available for enjoying the recreational areas, trails and water. Along the way, we will teach you about the importance of protecting the land around our primary drinking water source, as well as provide ideas on how to conserve water and protect your home from water damage and high water bills. 

The Lucky Duckett Geotrail contains 6 geocaches within the T. Howard Duckett Dam/Rocky Gorge Reservoir watershed recreation areas and trail system. For more information about the WSSC Geocaching program click here.

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