Ravens at Duckett Dam (Kids)

For the last several years, a pair of ravens have been nesting on the buttresses at Duckett Dam near Laurel.   According to experts, this is the most southern known nesting spot for ravens in Maryland.

Nesting occurs in mid February through May.  Ravens prefer to build a nest on cliffs or shelf like structures.  So this is what has drawn them to Duckett Dam. They build their nest using sticks, twigs, fur and hair.  The nest can be five feet across and two feet high.  Three to seven eggs are laid with an incubation period of twenty to twenty five days.  The young ravens leave the nest at five to seven weeks of age. So for five to seven weeks, both parents are busy finding food for their always-hungry nestlings.  At maturity ravens will have up to a four foot wing span with males weighing in at three pounds and females around two pounds. 

Ravens are omnivores and eat just about anything including dead animals, birds, fish, mammals, insects, grains, seeds, and fruit.  The site at Duckett Dam provides them with fish and carrion from I-95. If food is plentiful they have been known to cache the food in rock crevices or bury it for later use.

Ravens are considered to be very intelligent.  Studies have found that they have the ability to problem solve and provide a wide range of vocalizations to communicate to other ravens.



Raven in flight

Raven flight 2

Raven young

fledgling raven

Raven perched

Raven flight 3



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