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It's hands-on learning to the max: Every year, the Children's Water Festival gives hundreds of students a two-day interactive learning experience that teaches them all about water, the environment, habitat and more. 

Held during National Drinking Water Week in May, the Children's Water Festival is WSSC Water's two-day Signature event for public, private and home-schooled children. It's FREE and features hands-on learning focused on water, the Chesapeake Bay, the environment, careers, human health and aquatic life.

A principal goal of the two-day outdoor festival is to help students understand the impact everyday habits have on the availability and quality of water. Students visit a series of activity stations to see and touch wildlife, and engage in activities and games that keep them moving and engaged. Competitions such as the "Bucket Brigade" and "Fish Olympics" get the kids up and moving as they learn how much water the average person uses every day and how aquatic life is impacted by their actions.

And of course the kids get to meet Willy Water, WSSC Water's official mascot, who serves as the official host of the event.


Number of students who attend the two-day Children's Water Festival every year.

The Children's Water Festival is very popular, so attendance is determined by random selection from teachers' applications that have been submitted online.

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