Meter Testing

Prior to Requesting a Meter Test:

Usually, property leaks cause unexpectedly high bills.  However, if there are no property leaks and you suspect your water meter is malfunctioning, call our Customer Service Center to review your billed water consumption.  Our staff will review your usage to help determine the reason(s) for the increased water consumption.   

Meter Test Fees:

If your account is current, WSSC Water will bill the meter test fee to your account. Otherwise, the fee must be paid in advance.

View the latest Meter Test Fees:
*The meter test fee will be credited to your account if the test indicates that your meter over-registered.
How To Request a Meter Test:

Please mail your meter test request to
WSSC Water
Research & Communications
14501 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, Maryland 20707

or call 301-206-4001, toll free 1-800-634-8400 or TTY 301-206-8345


Customers with inside water meters will be asked to schedule a convenient weekday for our technician to remove the meter.  Customers with outside meters do not need to schedule an appointment. 

Witnessing the Test:

Please notify us if you want to be present when your meter is tested and include a daytime contact number for scheduling purposes.  Once the old meter is removed and a new meter is installed, our meter shop will contact you. The test will be scheduled during normal business hours at a mutually convenient time.

  • Residential Meters are tested in our specially equipped facility in Anacostia/Hyattsville.  A calibrated 120 gallons of water is passed through the meter's registration chamber.  Meters are tested at three different flow rates and in accordance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) test standards. 
  • According to the AWWA, a small residential meter is accurate if it measures plus or minus 1.5% of all the water passing through it. 
  • If the meter over-registered, we will credit the meter test fee if it was paid in advance.  Bills reflecting excess usage (up to three years) will be reviewed for an adjustment of charges.
  • Water meters are generally scheduled for removal within a week of WSSC Water receiving your request.
  • When a meter is removed for testing, we will issue a “meter change” bill.  The charge is not for the meter; rather it bills the account for water that registered on the meter after the last billing period and prior to removal. 
  • Upon request, WSSC Water will notify you in writing of your meter's test results.
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