Dispute Resolution

If a customer does not agree to the amount they are told they owe, then a customer should request a Dispute Resolving Board (DRB) review. Once this occurs, WSSC must take action.

WSSC’s responsibilities:

  • The Customer Relations Group Leader must review each customer’s request for Dispute Resolving Board (DRB) review
  • The Customer Relations Group Leader must review the DRB request together with all relevant information relating to the high unpaid bill to determine whether adjustment is warranted
  • The Customer Relations Group Leader must mail a final decision letter regarding adjustment eligibility

If the Customer does not agree with the WSSC's final decision letter:

  • The customer must appeal the disputed charges within 60 days of the meter reading date upon which the bill was based
  • The customer must return the completed DRB request form by the time specified in the Group Leader’s decision letter
  • The customer must submit a complete DRB request form , to include dollar amounts and complete billing dates
  • The customer must supply all relevant documentation and information to include plumber’s repair invoices and inspection reports
  • The customer must pay all undisputed charges by the bill payment due date

To avoid confusion relating to a “current” account balance, WSSC temporarily moves the disputed charges to a holding account until the DRB process is completed. Once the DRB makes their final decision, the disputed charges are transferred back to the account for either adjustment or payment, depending on the Board’s decision.

Please submit review request to cust-services@wsscwater.com. Documentation will be sent to you for completion.

New Dispute Policy for Unpaid Bills

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